00:00 – Name That Tune – Free Beer and Kelly make a bet Part 1
11:50 – Name That Tune – Free Beer and Kelly make a bet Part 2
30:05 – The most influential tech gadgets of all time
39:35 – Maitlynn’s dad’s fainting goats, Joe’s summer of M80s, the meatball incident
59:52 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:12:57 – An email from Jimbo about the massage he got last week
1:23:07 – FBHW Report – OJ is on Twitter, 11-year-old fights off burglar with a machete
1:38:31 – A “water worshipper” keeps breaking into houses just to turn the water on
1:51:21 – A guy thought he got a great deal on a villa but just got ripped off
2:01:32 – Name That Tune
2:15:23 – FBHW Report – Dad’s daisy dukes and superglue, Mason’s new song
2:31:28 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:42:12 – Name That Tune leftovers
3:01:17 – FBHW Report – Brett Hull was tanked, 94-year-old graduates high school
3:10:21 – Would you rather have bad sex or no sex at all?, what we learned today
3:20:10 – Local GR: Kelly’s corndog consumption, radio awards, demo derbys
3:30:17 – Segment 17: Maitlynn’s Dad, A Nose Eel, Calvin Johnson And Facts Of The Day