00:25 – Joe finds some sweet dated jokes
17:58 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
30:31 – A woman found $14k laying in the road
43:40 – FBHW Report – NCAA player can’t have a registry, Hot Wings’ band reuniting!
1:00:22 – Audio of Elisabeth Hasselbeck bring reprimanded by Barbara Walters
1:15:40 – Steve and Kyle’s big trip to Van Wert
1:24:45 – We check in with our former prison penpal Dan Grote
1:43:20 – FBHW Report – Jon Snow’s monologue, Bert Kreischer at the Kings game
1:54:43 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:03:34 – An update from Friend Zone Gunnar, Free Beer’s sad friend zone stories
2:23:06 – Free Beer details two painful stories from his youth
2:34:04 – Some listener reactions to Free Beer’s sad stories, what we learned today
2:43:33 – Local GR: Detroit police officer shows up drunk to breathalyzer training
2:50:06 – Segment 17: River Controversy, Kelly’s A Grown Up, Army Brats, Dog Shopping And Facts Of The Day