1. This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees
2. Sex at a state fair
3. What are your celebrity encounters?
4. We’re live in Green Bay!, we trailed Free Beer in the airport
5. The CDC warns about dressing up and snuggling with your chickens
6. A hotel has an idea to get you closer to other hotel guests
7. FBHW Report – Mom belts son, Red Sox advance to World Series, finger controversy
8. FBHW Report – Nebraska school serves kangaroo meat, Nebraska’s new slogan
9. Name That Blank
10. We get sidetracked reminiscing about an old coworker’s simple husband
11. A man travels from PA to NM to find buried treasure he read about in a poem
12. Dumber Than Joe Trivia
13. Idiots of the Week
14. Movie Porno Title Game, WHWT – Elizabeth Warren
15. A few pizza-related stories, what we learned today