1. Harmonizer Confessional
2. Harmonizer Confessional
3. The best snacks from the year we were born
4. We’re live in Albany!, the Buffer Squad will bust you for a catch phrase
5. A woman gets her devil teeth stuck to her real teeth
6. Some of us got in trouble at the airport in Detroit yesterday
7. FBHW Report – Queen isolated vocals, Baby Back Ribs song, a great non-political ad
8. Name That Blank
9. A man’s house was broken into and his toilet was stolen
11. FBHW Report – Pete Davidson promo, penis enlargement fail, beer can smash
12. Dumber Than Joe Trivia
13. Paired With an Idiot
14. Paired With an Idiot, WHWT – Barbara Streisand Is Moving To Canada
15. A guy got busted for cheating in a gross way, what we learned today