Friday, May 17, 2019

    Free Beer and Hot Wings Podcast

    00:00 – The new worst anthem performance ever?
    13:12 – What do you eat weird?
    29:14 – Ever been with someone who is too loud?
    39:00 – Free Beer still sick, Andy’s embarrassing night, strip club stories
    1:01:54 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
    1:12:52 – High school prank in NEPA with chickens and toilet paper went too far
    1:22:47 – The aftermath of our pretty boy makeovers yesterday
    1:38:00 – Hot Wings tries to get a Pretty Boy Discount
    1:48:44 – Joe tries to get a Pretty Boy Discount
    2:01:36 – Name That Blank
    2:16:08 – FBHW Report – Deontay Wilder threat, woman crashes, Barkley’s arrest
    2:25:29 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
    2:36:06 – Some tattoo ideas, mom trips a basketball player and it’s caught on camera
    2:53:19 – Hot Wings and Joe try to get a Pretty Boy Discount
    3:08:17 – LFL reporter’s brutal interview, man drives out the sunroof, what we learned
    3:20:30 – Local GR: Lots to do this weekend!
    3:35:39 – Segment 17: Kid Toy Sale, Monty Python/Game Of Thrones, Ball Injuries And Facts Of The Day