00:00 – Brie Bella’s brother found her sex toys
14:37 – The most important website of all time
29:03 – The Loser Game
39:40 – Around the room, email about how a listener’s company is handling COVID
1:02:26 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:13:45 – Marty Jannetty is muddying the water on his claim that he killed a guy
1:22:29 – FBHW Report – Troll doll, great grandma CBD search, Bohemian Rhapsody
1:36:02 – Name That Blank
1:51:44 – Guillen hates Swisher, baseball announcer describes hostage situation
2:00:08 – Around the room, Doordash driver freaks out and eats the customer’s food
2:13:53 – FBHW Report – Cyclist crash, Ellen bullied someone, Joe’s Big Fat Goth Day
2:28:18 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:40:02 – Around the room, a man cuts a kitten out of the bed of his truck
2:56:35 – My Show Member Can
3:08:16 – My Show Member Can, what we learned today
3:18:37 – Local GR: A local man found treasure in his backyard, weekend plans
3:26:57 – Segment 17: Dog Poop Bags, Bill Burr And Facts Of The Day