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Customer Reviews 
  February 15, 2012
You guys have made my drive to work much more enjoyable when I worked normal hours. When I worked odd hours, I enjoyed hearing you guys on the drive home. Now that I work even more odd hours, I podcast, so I can still giggle like an idiot on a daily basis. For every day, THE BULLS ARE HERE!
  October 01, 2011
By: Keyten W. (Byron Center, MI)
Been a fan for many years, well worth the money for the podcast and VIP membership to all the extras.
  September 28, 2011
By: Ryan S. (SMYRNA, TN)
Excellent! I can't listen at work, so I only catch the first hour and a half every morning, but when I get home I get the full show and ALL of the Joe stunts and special show videos! I'm glad you guys knocked B&T off the Buzz in Nashville.
  July 13, 2011
By: milo s. (BENNINGTON, VT)
Love the show. I have been a loyal lisner for 6 yrs
  June 20, 2011
By: Peter D. (MUSKEGON, MI)
Love the show listen every morning!!!!
  June 02, 2011
By: susan f. (BELMONT, NH)
i always like it BUT am always disappointed that Eric Zane's name is never on anything. with hats could have put zane but did show code. he is a host like FB & HW helps make show what it is.
  February 02, 2011
By: Rob C. (DICKSON, TN)
I love your show. The Podcasting is awesome! It gets me through my daily long drives with many laughs along the way. Thanks guys.