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1. We talk about porno

2. What’s on your ‘Sorry cake’

3. The weird things on your bucket list

4. Of course we had issues getting to Green Bay, Janebo needs a coin flip

5. Some NBA draft talk, a bunch of NBA players have something in common

6. Oliver needed a little help flicking it and Free Beer was there to assist

7. FBHW Report - Justin’s awkward icebreaker, Roseanne coming back?

8. Name That Blank

9. Cheap or Frugal?



12. FBHW Report - Lacrosse motivation, Mr. T cereal, Piers Morgan insult backfires

13. Paired With an Idiot

14. Paired With an Idiot, WHWT - Stormy on the Border

15. Leftover Name That Blank, what we learned today

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