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Live on the Jersey Shore With 105.7 The Hawk

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Let’s try this again, shall we?! MAKEUP DATE!!

We don’t always encourage you to go into work late, or to not show up at all but, your summer skip day is here.
Nothing says summer like skipping work on a Friday to hang out, and celebrate 20 years with us on 105.7 The Hawk on the Jersey Shore! The best part? It’s a free party because, you know, it’s been a while!

Free Beer and Hot Wings Live on the Jersey Shore with 105.7 The Hawk

Join us with 105.7 The Hawk, Classic Rock for the Jersey Shore on Friday, July 29th starting at 5 am as we return to River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar in Brick.

Need a good excuse to get out of work? Here are a few suggestions:

  • My dog ate my keys.
  • (Insert significant other’s name here) – yes, blame them.
  • I didn’t win the lottery last night, so, I’m still not coming in.
  • It’s a Friday.

Now that the excuses are taken care of, we’ll see you on July 29th for Free Beer and Hot Wings Live, powered by Coors Light.