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Guy Got On Facebook Live While Leading Cops On A High Speed Chase (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on November 13 2017
"Hey, hey, you want to see me on a high-speed chase? I’m in a high-speed chase, bro!" said Brenton Hager who was on Facebook Live while being chased after being suspected of vehicle theft. 

Hager led police on an hour-long chase at high speeds through fields and even did not shy away from running over fencing. 

His aunt, said she feels Hager has changed due to drugs and during the chase she thought he could have been doing it for attention

"I just feel like he wasn't in his right frame of mind and he was almost like 'I'm in too deep. I might as well go on and take it further,'" she said. 

The car chase eventually ended and turned to an on-foot one when the car ended up in a pond. Of course, they caught up to him and took him down with a stun-gun which was equally as hilarious to watch as the rest of it! 

Now, as wrong and dangerous as we all know this is, we can't deny it looks a little fun! Maybe that's the next million-dollar idea! Or one that will just land some more people in jail. 

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