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Watch Dashcam Footage Of A Kangaroo Attacking A Car (Video)
Posted by Jake on May 03 2016

This guy is driving down a creepy two-two track somewhere in the outback when (surprise surprise) a kangaroo happens across his path. What does the massive marsupial do? Freak the hell out and jump-kick the windshield of the car, that's what! He launches off the bonnet and presumably bolts back into the Australian wilderness. 

The driver jumps out of his car, understandably angry at the turn of events, and tries to find the car-kicking kangaroo. But the bastard was already long gone. It begs the question, though: What would he have done if he caught the thing? Do all Australian men laugh in the face of marsupial-induced mortality, or is he some kind of Foster's-fueled ubermench?

Tags:  accidentanimalscarscrazydamagedashcam
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