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Triathlon blog three of three
Posted by Eric Zane on June 16 2009
Hi everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This is part three of my first triathlon. Hopefully this stuff is not boring. Let me know! I'd love to hear what you think. Please forgive my grammer and other writing flaws.

So I get off the bike and throw on my running shoes. The ride made my ass quite stiff. It hurts. I head out of the transition area and grab an electrolyte drink. Now, to me the only good ones are Gatorade or Powerade. But the dicks who organized this race have some shitty asshole stuff called HEED. HEED stands for somthing that the maker no doubt thinks is clever. It was like poison. Awful. You should "take Heed" when you drink HEED. The stuff sucks. Anyway, I start running and I hear big cheers as I head out onto the road. It's all my friends! I had no idea i would have an audience! It turns out my wife suprised me and rounded up all our pals to attend the race. That was very nice of her. In the group were Free Beer and his wife Amanda, Joe and his girlfriend Kate, Hot Wings couldn't come because he was planting trees or some other gay shit. Also there were our dear friends Pete and Andrea, and Kendal and Nikki and my Goddaughter Lilly. That was a big boost. I was very happy to see everyone.

So now I'm out for the run. A 6.4 mile run to be exact. However there was trouble ahead. This run is an asshole off road run through fields and woods with hills and massive roots sticking out of the ground. It really screws you up. I hate running with my head down and you have to so that you don't step on a massive root and hurt yourself. Of course, that's what happend. I'm going through the woods and "CRACK!" I actually heard my ankle crack. Holy shit! My left ankle twisted like a son of a bitch. I screamed every obscenity ever invented as I fell to the ground. It was excruciating. I really truely thought I had broken it. Wow. Very bad. It took me a few minutes but I tried to stand up. I took one step. No way. Down I went again. I sat there for another minute. I got up again and took a step. Then another and another. I walked for several yards and started to jog. I was limping heavily and it hurt like hell. On my left ankle was a strap. All the competitors have one. It holds your timing chip or transponder so that they can get your time for the race. I noticed that the strap was quickly getting tighter around my left ankle. Swelling. Never good. Fuck did this suck. Here I train for this GD thing for months. I'd been looking forward to this race for a long time and I wanted to do well. Plus I've got a bunch of friends there watching and I can barely move. Shit was I upset. Then I twisted the ankle AGAIN! Wow. This time I didn't go down. The pain wasn't as excruciating as my system had flooded me with the natural pain killers that our bodies produce so this twist wasn't nearly as painful. But I'm still hurt.

I finally make it out of the woods and am trying to pick up the pace despite the pain. There's about two miles left so plenty of pain ahead. I limp through the rest of the race and cross the finish line in 2 hours and 42 minutes. Not so good. Out of 105 men, I finished 55th.

I know I can do better. I've been training my ass off for the last two weeks and I learned a lot from the first race.

The next race is Saturday June 20. Please come! If your up for it, I'd love to see you. I'd be thrilled if you took a few hours Saturday mornning to see what it's like and to offer words of encouragement. If you're in the Grand Rapids market, here's the link to the event. www.johanstrifest.com

Thanks again for reading the blog. It's quite a thrill that you are interested in the things we do so much that you'd read our blogs and listen to our show. I'm glad that you do.

All the best,

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