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This Is the PERFECT Complaint Email
Posted by Steve on December 04 2012
This Is the PERFECT Complaint Email
Last week, new ownership took over at our long-time affiliate, 104.9 The Hawk in the Lakes Region of new Hampshire.  We had been on the station for 8 years with a long run of success in the market.  There's been a lot of backlash towards the station over the change to a different show.  Before you send your pissed off complaint email or Facebook post, read over listener Betsy's email  THIS is how you do it!

From: Betsy
Date: December 4, 2012 8:07:55 AM EST
To: pdetone@greateasternradio.com
Cc: idiots@freebeerandhotwings.com
Subject: Please reconsider the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show

Good Morning Pete,

I am extremely disappointed that the Hawk has dropped the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show. I especially do not understand why you would replace it with a show that much of your audience can already listen to on TWO other stations. In case you think that the FB&HW listening audience is limited to a certain group, please realize that it is more broad than you may think. I am a 30 year old woman, and work full time as a graphic designer. I was born here in Laconia, graduated from college in RI, and have traveled around the country and world. I tell you this simply so you can realize that the listening audience includes more than young males aged 20-30.

I'm sure you expected some listeners to not like this morning show change, since people always tend to freak out whenever there is something new. I am disappointed, and don't like the change, but it is not because it is new. It is because I already HAD the opportunity to listen to The Morning Buzz on two other radio stations, and chose NOT to. Why do you think it is a good idea to replace your show with one that your listeners are already choosing not to listen to? This is why we listened to your station!! The other two stations' listening areas overlap yours almost completely! I have tried listening to the Buzz quite a few times when I have to drive south, and they just don't compare to the humor and sarcasm of FB&HW. The show is terrible, and I always give up and switch the station or listen to my ipod.

104.9 listening area: Lakes Region, up to Franconia Notch
101.1 listening area: Merrimack Valley, heard all the way up to at least Plymouth
100.3 listening area: Seacoast NH/Northern MA

I have been a listener of the show for the past 6+ years, and could not believe what I was hearing when I turned on the radio yesterday morning. I came to the live show last year, and had a GREAT time. I was really hoping they'd make it an annual trip, and would have gone EVERY YEAR if  this was the case. In fact, I believe the live show was so popular that it sold out in 2 days! Guess I'll have to make the trip to Portland, which I will gladly do to see them (which should tell you something).

I have been driving to work from Belmont to Moultonboro for the past 5+ years, and listening to the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has made that drive much more enjoyable. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I PAID MONEY to become a VIP podcaster. Even though I have been a podcaster for a couple years now, I still listened to your station EVERY MORNING on my drive in. This will no longer be the case, and I will no longer listen to your station. I really hope you reconsider your decision–it really does not seem like you thought this one through!

In the meantime, you have lost a listener.

Thanks for (hopefully) listening,

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