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The Australian Prime Minister Insinuates That His Opposition Sexually Pleases Billionaires (Video)
Posted by Steve on February 09 2017
Everyone loves a good political fight, especially when funny and charming accents are involved!

Recently in Australian Parliament, the Prime Minister and the opposition leader were going at it about one thing or another.  First, the opposition leader railed about how out of touch the Prime Minister was.  Well, that didn't sit well with the PM, who fired back saying, "There was never a Union leader in Melbourne that tucked his knees under more billionaires' tables than the leader of the opposition."  Oh damn!  That escalated quickly!

Sure, he could have meant that the Opposition leader is just chummy with billionaires and dines with them frequently.  But we choose to believe that he means something a little more...dirty. 
Tags:  awesomefunnyinsultsmoneypoliticalpolitics
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