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Star Wars Cast Chats With Kimmel About Spoilers, The New Movie, And Mark Hamill Shows Off His Harrison Ford Impression (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on December 04 2017
Kimmel had the cast of the newest Star Wars, The Last Jedi, on his couch recently to talk spoilers and the internet, the plot-twist that was never spoiled from The Empire Strikes Back, and Mark Hamill showed off his perfect Harrison Ford impression. 

Back in the day it was a heck of a lot easier to keep spoilers away and keep huge plot twists like, "Luke, I am your father" a secret. It was a lot more fun to be utterly shocked by movies but like a lot of things, the internet has ruined that. 

Mark Hamill shared with Kimmel about how he even found out the real ending of the movie after he had been studying an alternative one in the script. Hamill was one of three people who knew Darth Vader would be Skywalker's father in the end, a secret that would have been leaked in a heartbeat today. 

Hamill kept the secret throughout the entire filming and nobody, even cast members, found out until the first screening. 

At this point, Hamill then busts out his Harrison Ford impression of his reaction. 

"Hey kid, you didn't f***in' tell me that," said Hamill in a spot-on Ford impression. 

Now if Mark Hamill can keep one of the biggest plot twists in movie history a secret, we have faith in all of you to not spoil the new movie for the rest of us!  

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