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Some random thoughts...
Posted by Free Beer on March 16 2011
So this is my first new blog in quite some time. I used to write them a lot. But I noticed neither of the hosts did. So I kept asking them to do so, and apparently that was nagging. So after being petty and not doing any myself for a long time, I am now back on board. So this is a blog about a variety of things. Mostly random thoughts.

First, I have learned something about the people of Japan. I am not a world traveler, nor am I particularly cultured. But I think we as a country, and certainly me as an individual can learn something from the Japanese culture. I am watching a country that has seen a large region completely devastated in the last week or so. If you've watched the news for a minute, you know exactly what I am talking about. There has been a new story that has started to pop up about it though. Its hardly a silver lining, but it is worth noting. Have you seen the stories about how patiently the Japanese people are enduring the long lines for food, clothing, water, or even the opportunity to use a phone to try and find love one's? People are waiting, without screaming, cutting, fighting or anything else for hours on end for services that they no doubt took for granted a week earlier. I'm not sure I could do it. I would be fussy quickly. And I think most of us would be. I don't mean this as an indictment of our culture, but that is an enviable will they have in the face of tragedy. I hope to not have my will tested in such a manner.

Okay, random thought number two. My wife and I saw the Adjustment Bureau last week. Its the movie with Matt Damon where he catches the "team" that controls fate, and then battles to be with the woman he loves, even though "fate" doesn't want it to happen. (Not a spoiler, this is all in the trailer). Anyway, its not a terrible movie, but if you waited to see it in your home or for free its probably the way to go. It was great for the first hour, and then there were a couple of scenes that just seemed ridiculous. Anyone else see it? I'd be curious if you thought the same thing. I don't want to put in any more detail, so I don't ruin it for people who might see it later.

Finally, the NCAA tourney. I've said before on this blog (back when we used to write them) that it is my favorite time of the year. That said, I know you don't really care who my final four teams are, and I want you to know, I don't care who yours are. I care about your final four if you are an astute college basketball observer who has a history of tournament excellence. Otherwise, its just telling me guesses. It would be like asking someone, hey what are your lottery numbers? Their answers would mean almost nothing to you. Just pointless small talk. I won't be annoyed or hate you should we have this conversation, but you should know this thought would be in the back of my mind.

That's all for now. Hopefully, the next one won't take a year.
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