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Shaq Tells The Story Of How He Blew Through His First Million Dollars (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on December 05 2017
In 1992, Shaq was only 20 years-old and made his first deal with a trading card company that earned him his first million dollars! 

He then went right to the bank, like a good, financially responsible young adult should. That money was in the bank pretty much a whole ten minutes because the newly-rich Shaq went straight to the Mercedes dealership. 

Once he got home with his $150,000 car, his dad asked where one for him was, so Shaq went back and bought another one. Then, his mom got home and said she wanted the smaller one so back Shaq went and bought another Mercedes for $100,000. 

The spending spree didn't just stop at three cars and at once point, the bank called and the teller told him he needs to be more financially responsible. The teller said he was a big fan and could tell Shaq was going to do great things and wanted to see him do well in life. 

That's when Shaq decided to get a business manager to help him manage his finances and look at him now! Old Spice and Gold Bond are probably very glad to have him! 
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