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Seniors Share Their Best Sex Secrets (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on April 20 2017

What would we do without Jimmy Kimmel's "man-on-the-street" segments? Also, we definitely want to become best friends with whoever comes up with the question or topic. 

In this one, Jimmy sends his team out to ask old folks about the growing STD epidemic among the elderly and some of these answers are...interesting. There truly is nothing like thinking "Oh what a cute old woman,” but then she says her secret to good sex is "a little vodka couldn't hurt." Part of you may feel that's disturbing or awkward, while another part says "Get it girl!

Some of the elderly who answered were either really timid, saying things like "You ask to much,” while one man tried to describe how he would perform on top or bottom. He was either Superman or Minuteman, but we aren't quite sure which order and he really doesn’t seem to know either! 

The best advice one person gave was, "If you're not using it, you'll lose it." He then shared that he is in fact "using it" and had just done it that day. 

Later, the participants shared their turn ons/offs, and even though they're pretty generic, there is something hilarious in hearing old people talk about what makes them want to get it on.  These folks have shown us that you're never too old to still be "with it."

Tags:  elderlyfunnyold peoplerelationshipssex
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