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News Anchor Completely Caught Off Guard While On The Air (Video)
Posted by Steve on April 10 2017
There's nothing worse than getting caught daydreaming while you're at work.  The boss walks in and you're just staring at the window.  Or maybe playing Candy Crush or something.  But when you're a TV news anchor, you'd think that there wouldn't be a ton of time to be daydreaming, you know, because you're live on television while working!  But this woman managed to do just that.  

While a news package was playing, this anchor got a little preoccupied and definitely drifted off.  When the camera shot came back to her, she was obviously shocked, but managed to pull herself together to introduce the next segment.  Unfortunately, she didn't make the transition smoothly at all!

Check out the clip below to see how well she recovered. 
Tags:  anchorfailfunnytelevision
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