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Mom Finds Blood On And In Her Starbucks Two Years Ago But It's Hard To Feel Sorry For Her Now (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on February 09 2018
This mom decided a nice treat would be a Starbucks frappucino to share with her sweet-toothed daughter but what they received could only be sweet to a vampire.

While her daughter was licking whipped cream off the cup, Amanda realized their was blood on the cup and in the drink. 

Amanda then called the Starbucks to complain to which they replied that it did turn out a barista was bleeding and was asked to stop making drinks for the day. They also did offer the whole family a full week of free drinks. 

Now, yes it is gross but nobody was seriously hurt by it in the end but this mom is still not letting it go. 

She says they were hoping for the employee to be tested or for Starbucks to do more about it. Now that they haven't she feels that suing two years later over what Joe has dubbed the "blood clot-te" is their last chance to feel at peace with the issue. 

Can you imagine being so petty? It really makes you not feel as bad for this money-grubber. 
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