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Friday, February 25, 2011
Posted by Free Beer and Hot Wings on February 25 2011
Friday, February 25, 2011

Hour 1
Free Beer told us that he managed to pick up a virus on his laptop last night. It was the kind of virus that changes the entire layout of your computer and he now has no idea what to do with it. We went over some stupid list that said that healthy activities were somehow more harmful for you than non-healthy activities and put you at a greater risk for heart disease. This list was complete BS. The topic turned to Free Beer's mother-in-law's ridiculous pain tolerance and how she insisted that he sit and finish lunch when she thought her appendix was about to burst.

Hour 2
We talked a bit about the latest from Charlie Sheen early on the show this morning. Two and a Half Men has now been canceled for the rest of the seas after he went on a crazy rant on a syndicated talk show yesterday. He also sent a rambling letter to TMZ blasting the Two and a Half creator, Chuck Lore. We talked about the latest dessert delicacy that is being sold in a London shop. It's ice cream made from breast milk. Would you try it? We played a little exotic animal Price is Right this morning that included a great Free Beer tangent, as well as Hot Wings and Zane not being able to keep up with the animal/number details.

Hour 3
We played some of the audio of Charlie Sheen's breakdown on the Alex Jones radio show yesterday. For some reason, he picked a fight with AA and claimed that he cured himself of his illness in the blink of an eye. Have you ever heard of electronic cigarettes? We hadn't either, but apparently they have now been banned on airplanes. That seemed very stupid, because they do not emit smoke at all, just water vapor. Check out the Cool Links section for the marriage test that we took today in which you can rate your significant other. It's from the 60's, so it was a blast to make fun of the stereotypes of the time.

Hour 4
The coach of the Holy Family basketball team apologized to the player that he attacked at practice a few days ago. The apology took place on live TV, but the player did not accept it and it seemed extremely awkward. Check that out in the Video Reel. In the FBHW Report, we played a blooper from Jeopardy, a clip about Paula Dean "sucking head" and some outtakes of William Shatner mispronouncing the word sabotage repeatedly. We ended the hour with Producer Joe's Can I Get Them to Move Challenge, in which he tried to annoy people so much that they would give up their seat at the bus stop. You can listen to that on the audio page.

Hour 5
We touched on Charlie Sheen a couple more times throughout the morning. We're all pretty convinced that he will be dead relatively soon, although that has been said about him on a few other occasions and he's managed to survive. We closed the show with a round of Name That Blank. Talk to you on Monday!

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