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AirAsia Flight Plummets 20,000 Feet But Manages To Land Safely (Video)
Posted by Steve on October 17 2017
An AirAsia flight out of Australia lost cabin pressure on Sunday, and plummeted 24,000 feet in a matter of minutes. During the whole event, the crew apparently freaked out and started screaming at passengers, making everyone think they that were going to die. Luckily, though, the plane leveled out around 10,000 feet and managed to land safely and with no injuries.

One passenger on the flight even 
proposed to his girlfriend on the way down because he thought it was his last chance...which makes no sense at all because if they were going to die, why would it matter if they were engaged or not? But whatever. People do weird things when they're stressed.
Tags:  airplanesawfulscarytravelwtf
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