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After Her Three Kids Get Sick, Anti-Vaxxer Mom Changes Her Mind (Video)
Posted by Steve on September 27 2016
There's nothing like a little dose of reality to wake someone up!

Kristen O'Meara used to be an anti-vaxxer.  She did all of the research to support the movement, but admittedly, never any research that supported vaccines.  She found the results that she wanted to find.  And with that, O'Meara decided not to vaccinate her three children.  But after the three kids, all under the age of seven, came down with a case of rotavirus, she changed her mind pretty quickly. 

After doing more research, O'Meara figured out what most people already know: vaccines are better than no vaccines.  Her kids are now up to date on their vaccinations, after an aggressive round of catch-up.  

Let doctors do their jobs.  Twenty minutes of research on a particular topic on Google doesn't make you smarter than people who went to school for years for the same thing. 
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