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A Police Officer Gets Ticketed For Parking In A Handicap-Accessible Parking Spot (Video)
Posted by Steve on November 29 2017
Sometimes, it's acceptable for a police officer to get away with something that an everyday citizen could not get away with. For instance, a cop can speed in their car to catch a suspect who is getting away. Totally fair. But when it comes to parking in a handicap-accessible parking spot, that's not going to fly.

Recently, a photo went viral of a Rayville, LA police car parked in a handicap-accessible parking spot out front of a convenience store. As it turns out, the officer was there investigating a credit card theft and was inside looking at security camera footage. A passer-by noticed that the cop had parked his car in the wrong spot and immediately posted it to social media, where it made its way back to the police chief. 

While the chief probably could have just ignored the picture, he decided to use it as an opportunity to show that police officers are not above the law, and gave the officer a written warning! Sure, anyone else would have gotten an actual ticket, but at least it's something, right? And even if he had gotten a real ticket, it probably would have been taken care of immediately thereafter, but at least people on social media got the pound of flesh they were looking for when the picture was posted!

Source: KNOE
Tags:  carscrimeparkingpoliceticket
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