We live in an age where many people have shifted toward a more minimalist approach to interior decorating. Other people bucking that trend are often called “maximalists.”

If you had to categorize this woman’s style, though, we’re not sure a word even exists for it…

Known for being pretty weird in general, whether it seems like that annoying “forced” weirdness in the name of being “quirky” or “not like other girls” is yet to be determined, TikTok user @myramagdalen is known for her strange design and clothing choices. With that in mind, she decided to give a tour of her room.

The tour includes her regular video backdrop, her keboard wall featuring computer keyboards. She then shows her other keyboard wall, the musical ones. From there she shows off her obsession with nail clippers, a worm wall and infatuation with cartoon character, Jimmy Neutron’s dad.

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