Every couple has their little things or show their love to each other in different ways, but some of y’all should really just keep that to yourselves.

It’s not like you’re not free to live your life how you please, but, if you’re going to broadcast something you even call “the cringiest” then maybe don’t be surprised if the internet agrees. It doesn’t seem that complicated but this couple on TikTok has learned this the hard way.

They posted this video where they both vibrate around each other, and then “burst” into what they call a “love surge.”

While most of us simply call that an orgasm, others took their criticism a little too far, wishing pretty vile things on the couple. Of course, with lots of these social media couples who document everything, they posted a very tearful response to the backlash.


i was doing really well and laughing a lot and then just hit a wall last night and everything got really overwhelming. and again, i’m not taking about some of the really funny duets/stitches, that’s part of posting on the internet and i accept that. what I’m heartbroken over are the really awful things people are wishing on Sean and I. please think before you type, I’m very very lucky that my offline life is so wonderful that I can look away, but some people aren’t so lucky and for their sake please consider what you write. #lovesurge

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