Yesterday, we got this email from longtime listener Ryan in Vermont.

I’ve been listening since 2004 or 2005 and my dad was a big fan, especially of your live shows in the Albany area. You might remember the story of my dad battling pancreatic cancer early in 2020 (COVID days). The shoutout you gave him really lifted his spirits and had a huge impact on him in his final year. Sadly, we lost him—he passed away at the age of 57. He was always the type to go all out, and even while in chemotherapy, he assembled and handed out care packages to fellow patients at the cancer center, which he called ‘Ditty Bags.’ In his honor this Saturday (July 22nd), I will skydive at least 57 times in one day to raise money to continue the cause my dad was so passionate about. With the money raised we’ll make and distribute at least 570 ‘Ditty Bags’ containing personal care items that my dad and other patients have found helpful to help them cope with the side effects of treatment. We miss him, but are excited to have a positive impact on others. You’re welcome to share the story. This link has more information and allows people to contribute if they wish. Thanks, buds, and keep putting smiles on butts, I mean faces. Ryan (from Vermont)

This sounded like such a great story, so we decided to get Ryan on the air this morning to talk about this huge undertaking. And in the process, we decided to make an Idiots for Underdogs donation toward Ryan’s cause in the amount of $2,057.57!

If you feel as moved as we did and want to help us Ryan and his cause, click the link above! And if you want to help us help more Underdogs, become a Fancy Idiot or donate to Idiots for Underdogs now.