Each Easter many of us look forward to all the chocolate we can consume in the form of eggs, bunnies, and other various critters and shapes. It’s all fun and cute, but what if that was all you could eat?

For this UK man, Ashley Kean, he says an eating disorder causes him to consume over 250 chocolate Easter eggs each year between January and April. Apparently, the disorder, causes intolerances to certain foods to the point he can only consume chocolate, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and fruit.

Kean says he has eaten over 1,000 chocolate eggs over his lifetime.

While we feel bad for him, considering doctors can’t seem to find what is wrong and he still struggles to go out to dinner with friends and family, it seems like he should be able to consume other things that are ingredients in the eggs and other foods he can digest.

However, we know eating disorders can go beyond what the average person can understand.

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