Back in January of 1971, the Robertson family set out to sea on their 50 year-old schooner after selling their farm to sail the world as a family.

With mom and dad, Lyn and Dougal, as well as their 18-year-old daughter, 16-year-old son and two nine-year-old twins setting sail, the next 18 months were supposed to be all about living the dream. Eventually, their daughter ended her trip in the Bahamas and they picked up a 22-year-old student, Robin Williams (foreshadowing much?)

In June of 1972, the boat was attacked by killer whales and sank 200 miles away from the Galapagos, beginning a 38-day ordeal of struggle and survival for the family.

They only had enough food and rations for 10 days, though, they assured each other that no matter what, they would not eat each other. They kept their words, surviving on fish and turtles they hunted, and drinking turtle blood.

Eventually, they made it to safety when they were discovered by a fisherman who got them to land in Panama.

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