The wooly mammoth has been extinct for thousands of years but you could soon be able to feast on its prehistoric flesh thanks to some franken-food science!

Vow, an Australian company that is setting out to create the “perfect [lab-grown] protein.” They have tried over 50 species of exotic meats, but their latest achievement is the giant mammoth meatball.

The meatball was created using some real “Jurassic Park”esque science through a DNA sequence of mammoth myoglobin (for flavor), elephant DNA, and sheep stem cells.

As fun as it would be to try this mystifying meat, scientists say there is still a lot of testing to be done as this protein has not been consumed by humans in thousands of years and there’s no telling how our bodies would react…also it’s still illegal (except in China) to sell lab-grown meats.

Source: New York Post