Claw clips have been around for decades, however, with their resurgence in popularity over the past few years, there is one danger folks may not have considered until recent TikToks made them think twice.

While wearing these clips the way they are typically worn doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable while driving, people still do it, and now there are warnings that the hair accessory could become lodged in your skull in the event of an accident.

People like Jeena Panesar, in this video, are warning others “Don’t wear a claw clip whatsoever when driving. If you want to tie your hair up, just use a rubber band” after hers was stuck in her head after a car crash that left her with an 11-inch wound from the front of her head to the back.

Student teacher feared for her life after car accident showed the dangers of wearing a certain accessory while driving *DISCLAIMER: Images of scar wounds* #curiously #driving #hairstyles #clawclip

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