Taylor Swift has officially set out on her historic, highly-anticipated Eras Tour and Swifties everywhere are freaking out.

Either they came out victorious after the Ticketmaster snafu or they are like this girl and are being surprised with tickets. In this case, her sister initially told her the tickets belonged to a friend and while she pretended to be happy for said friend, her reaction when she was told the tickets were actually hers says it all.

We imagine her time at the show will look a lot like this other Swiftie’s experience at Taylor’s last tour…though, for her fellow attendees’ case, we hope not.


If anyone was wondering if my sister and I will die tomorrow night heres a video of @sophienbradley during Dress at Rep Tour Kansas City when she was right in front of us #eras #swifttok #swiftcity #glendaleaz

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