These two are less of the “back in my day” variety and more of the “Back to the Future” types as they wholeheartedly love their first ride in a driverless vehicle together! 

Kenny is an 81-year-old Navy Veteran with over 2.6 million followers between his TikTok and Instagram accounts (@patriotickenny) and has been dubbed “TikTok’s Grandpa.” 

It’s easy to see why people love him in general but when he and his pal Jerry were surprised with a ride in a driverless car, we love them even more! 


Riding in a self-driving car was an experience of a lifetime! Part 2 coming because it was too long! @officialwaymo #waymo #arizona #seniorcheck #selfdrivingcar #autonomouscar #blizzard #navyvet

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Source: NDTV