Each year around the holidays, we make it a point to stop all of the mocking and joking around for at least one day, and use the reach that this radio show has to do some good. For the 20th consecutive year, we’re be conducting the Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break-in.

With the holidays approaching, many people will simply not be able to provide for their families. With the help of your nominations, we select families in need and give them a little help by literally breaking into their homes and leaving them a holiday season they may not have had…food, decorations, gifts, everything. No notes are left. There will be no TV cameras or reporters. Everything is completely anonymous. This is done solely with the intent to provide these families with something that they are financially unable to provide themselves.

This year, Buehler was out with his team of hoodlums from 105.7 The Hawk on the Jersey Shore helping out a local family in need. Listen to the break-in below!