I have been to plenty of music festivals in my life and I honestly thought I’d seen it all…but I have never experienced anything like Electric Forest Music Festival. From the moment I parked and got my wristband, I could tell things would be different in the forest.


What’s so different about Electric Forest and the other music festivals I’ve been to? Well, EVERYTHING. From the kindness and shared happiness of the people working, the art installments around every tree you pass, and the way the forest is just as much of the experience as the music is, if not more. These all make Electric Forest completely different from previous festivals I’ve experienced and I loved every moment of it.

I walked around like a newbie (I mean, it was my first time at EF) with my jaw open and camera ready at every little flicker of magic…and there’s so much magic happening in the forest! The way the festival highlights art/artists just as much as music is incredible. You’re immersed in an art gallery in the middle of a forest, it’s insane! Oh, and just wait until sunset. Michigan summers bring 9:30/10PM sunsets and when you’re in the middle of the forest, things start to come to life as the sun goes to sleep.

My Favs?

Favorite Performance: DRAMA

Favorite Food: Island Noodles (excuse the blurry pic, I was dancing while eating. That’s how good these noodles are)

Favorite Art Installment: Umbrella Canopy

Favorite Stage: The Trading Post

What to have in your hydration pack:

Festival Map, Sunscreen, Baby wipes, Chapstick, Gum/mints, Sunglasses, Tampons (you too, fellas! Just in case someone needs one, you never know!)

What to wear:

Get as creative as you want with your outfit. Get weird. Get wild. The forest will love you for it! I chose to be cozy in shorts and tank tops, but you do you! However, there are a few things your body will love you for wearing:

  1. Mask or Neck Gator – This is for the dust and sweat. No matter the music festival, wear these.
  2. Comfortable shoes – hiking shoes, chacos, etc. Don’t worry if the shoes match your dope ass outfit. It’s too dusty and you’re walking way too much for you to worry about your feet looking cute. Go comfy, you and your feet will thank me later.
  3. Sunscreen – because, well, duh.
  4. Hydration pack – this will allow you to carry water and whatever else you need in a small backpack. Plus, your hands are free to be as wild as they wish while you’re dancing!

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