Free Beer and Hot Wings Our 2019 'Birthdaversary' Celebration, Compliments Of Omaha Steaks!

The end of May/beginning of June brings together a bunch of big dates for the show. Steve’s birthday is May 28th. Free Beer’s birthday is June 1st. Free Beer and Amanda’s anniversary is June 29th. Plus, a bunch of the radio stations we’ve been on for a long time started this time of year. In honor of that, we decided to have a “Birthdaversary” celebration today on the air, and our friends at Omaha Steaks jumped on board and sent over a massive cooler of meat for us to enjoy!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, if you want your Dad to eat as good as we are today, get to, enter code FREE BEER & HOT WINGS in the search bar and you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING and a FREE, one-pound package of DELICIOUS Applewood Smoked Steak-Cut Bacon on select packages! Trust us. You won’t be disappointed!