Free Beer and Hot Wings A Virginia Man Handed Out $12,000 Worth Of Christmas Gifts To Less Fortunate Kids

The guy in the news story below represents everything that is incredible about the holidays.

Last week, Adam Armstrong stopped by an apartment complex in Harrisonburg, VA and asked the property manager if it was alright if he came back a few days later with a truckload of Christmas gifts for children in need. The manager, Sara Lewis-Weeks, was surprised by the offer, but obviously said yes. A few days later, Armstrong showed back up in a 24-foot box truck stuffed with $12,000 worth of gifts for kids: bicycles, remote control cars, Nerf guns, everything! He then handed them out to the local kids.

This good deed was extra personal for Armstrong because he started by going to the low-income housing complex he used to live in when he was young. Well done, sir.

Source: WHSV