Remember last week when we played the news story of the New York City residents freaking out because they saw a raccoon? Yeah, that was a stupid reason to be concerned. Now if you happen to look out your window and see a mountain lion sitting on your deck, you can go ahead and freak out a bit.

Recently in Simi Valley, CA, a mountain lion showed up in a residential neighborhood and it, understandably, has residents on edge. The beast attacked two dogs, unfortunately killing one of them. The owner of the dog who was killed did everything she could to save her dog, including climbing on top of the mountain lion and punching and kneeing it in the head. It wasn’t until after her dog was killed that she retreated from the mountain lion by running back in the house. Another dog was attacked and was taken to an animal hospital for treatment.

After the second attack, the mountain lion wandered off and has not been seen since.

Source: ABC 7