Free Beer and Hot Wings Two New Jersey Women Brawl Because One Of Them Had Too Many Items In The Express Lane

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that one of the biggest offenses one can commit is going through the self checkout lane at the grocery store with more items than the express checkout late allows. If you do that, you’re just the worst! But is it worth getting in a fist fight over? Probably not.

Well, two grown-ass women in their 40s disagreed with that sentiment recently when they brawled in a New Jersey Shop Rite after one woman accused the other of having too many items in the express lane. The two women came to blows, one allegedly bit a man who attempted to intervene and everyone involved suffered minor injuries. Nice job.

The two women were both charged with disorderly conduct and one was also charged with simple assault. Hope it was worth it!

Source: CBS Philly