Free Beer and Hot Wings Gator Shows Up Uninvited And Interrupts Family's Thanksgiving Dinner

A lot of people dread Thanksgiving because of the awkward interactions with friends and family that they will no doubt have to participate in. But have you ever had a guest show up unannounced (and UNINVITED) out of nowhere? That exact thing happened to a family in Fort Myers, FL when their Thanksgiving dinner was interrupted when an uninvited guest showed up at their front door. No, it wasn’t an estranged relative at the door, though. It was a nine-foot-long alligator!

Did the gator smell the turkey? Was it alone for the holiday? Maybe just out for a stroll? Who knows! But the family called Florida Fish And Wildlife, who sent out a couple of trappers to take care of the big gator, who didn’t make things easy for them. The gator went into defense mode, flipping and spinning the entire time.

Check out the crazy video below!

Source: CBS Miami