Imagine getting chased, tackled and arrested by the police for a fight with your brother over riding shotgun in the car!?

Straight out of WNEP, we get this dysfunctional brother-sister duo.

So 20-year-old Brianna was just waiting for her brother to come pick her up from work but when Bret and his girlfriend showed up, Brianna was not happy about where his girlfriend was sitting.

She was riding in the ever-so-important front passenger seat!

The three of them began fighting, leaving the girlfriend with her head out the window screaming for help to the point bystanders thought she must have been a hostage in the vehicle.

A chase through traffic ensued and eventually police were able to catch up with these nefarious NEPA siblings!

Luckily the girlfriend was not arrested in all of this and has actually been named the victim!

Source: WNEP