Is this super sweet or kind of creepy? We’ll let you decide!

This lady and her man were on their way from Middle Island, New York to Pennsylvania for a Friendsgiving when she wanted to stop for coffee and bagels!

She left the car running but grabbed her keys so she could use her rewards and when they got to their destination, they realized she had left the keys at the coffee shop!

Luckily, she was able to get a hold of Bagels 101 and they confirmed they had her keys, offering to overnight them to her at her destination but the only problem was there’s no Sunday delivery.

That’s when the employee offered to make the seven-hour round trip to get her keys to her so she could work Monday!

The guy, just being a nice guy, said he would hope someone would do the same if it was his wife so no harm no foul here!

Source: 6 ABC