Bachelorette parties, residents and aspiring country music stars are all safe on the streets of Nashville thanks to this hero, the Shadow Patriot.

Roaming the streets during the daytime, the Shadow Patriot goes out to “promote America” and thank soldiers, reminding others to do the same.

“I’m the shadow patriot,” he introduces himself. “My creed, my motto is ‘serve, protect, inform,inspire'”

Calling himself a “citizen hero” the Shadow Patriot says his anonymity is more than just keeping his real identity safe but because he does not do what he does for the credit.

Handing out little green army men on he streets during the day, Shadow Patriot takes pride in informing the public and, again, “promoting America”.

By night, the Shadow Patriot shifts his spandex-suited agenda to patrolling and protecting people out enjoying Nashville’s night life!

The Shadow Patriot, the hero Nashville didn’t know they wanted but absolutely needed.