Jerk Parents Harass Baseball Ump To The Point He Leaves

Honestly, we really cannot blame this guy!

If you are a referee for any kind of youth sports, we know you put up with a lot from either condescending or just straight up A-hole parents and you deserve better.

ThisĀ umpire at a youth baseball game asked the parents to stop harassing him, simply stating they are trying to have a game and they need to quiet down.

But, in true sportball parent fasion, they kept going.

He stands for a minute, collecting his thoughts, when one Karen asked if he’s mad because the kids are taller than him.

You can literally see the moment he goes, “nope, I’m done”.

With that as the last straw, he makes his way to the exit, throws something behind him, apologizes to the coaches and basically said “F this, ump out.”