Now usually when we talk about a kid’s Christmas list, we can look at how cute or simple it is but this girl knows what she wants more than most adults!

Honestly, with Santa we guess anything is possible but what if he doesn’t have $10,000 per kid to spend?

This girl asked for things you’d expect from a kid today like a real pet bunny and slime-making supplies but she also made sure to ask for expensive gifts like basically an entire Apple Store’s inventory, a GoPro, Gucci flip flops, just $4,000 cash and more!

Can’t blame a girl for having expensive taste but also most adults wouldn’t even think to ask for this stuff!

This list has gone viral and people are inserting their opinions but all we have to say is out of all the things on the list if she doesn’t get her “asenchal oil” we’ll be pissed for her! Clearly she needs something to bring her back down to Earth.

Source: BroBible