From makeup artists to the every day cosmetics connoisseur, the time and money you spend to “look good, feel good” is worth a lot so you have to make sure you’re getting the right products.

Luckily, lots of stores have “testers” you can use but you probably shouldn’t use them!

Now, there is a difference between a swatch on your hand or arm to see how something works or looks with your skin tone and actually using the same product everyone else has been using it.

If you are one to just take the lipstick tester and put it right on your face, you’re pretty gross and this news story proves it!

WCNC reporters in Charlotte, North Carolina tested a bunch of the “testers” and had a doctor examine the samples and bacteria cultures that developed!

There was all kinds of grossness from mold to staph bacteria. Yeah, the kind that can turn into MRSA.

Be careful out there, folks! Test your makeup responsibly!