Matt Damon Shares How He And Mark Wahlberg Got F-Bombed At 2008 NBA Finals

Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, the A-List Boston bromance we’ve all come to know and love, sure do love supporting their hometown teams.

Like many celebrities who sit courtside, they made sure to not cross the line…but not in Phil Jackson’s eyes!

During the 2008 NBA Finals, Damon and Wahlberg were supporting their Celtics but were right by the LA Lakers’ bench for Game 4 of the series.

Damon describes what happened on Bill Simmons’ podcast, talking about how Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson was pissed, forgetting his “Zen Master” ways and cussed out the two!

It’s honestly an incredible story that the two celebs were yelled at by coaches but not kicked out!

Source: BroBible