Dispensary Employee Fired Over Lunch Meat

A now former Oklahoma City dispensary employee is claiming he was fired for fighting his employer’s “no meat” policy.

The dispensary, Friendly Market and its vegan owner, have a “no meat” policy inside the store which is why one employee was sent home when her lunch meat was discovered in the fridge.

She was suspended for two days so Chad Story decided to fight the policy and stand up for his coworker.

“Your personal thoughts on this subject are respected by your freedom to consume meat products anywhere you want,” the policy states. “EXCEPT inside the Holy space we’ve created at Friendly.”

During a meeting with the dispensary owner, Story was let go because the owner feels meat really disrupts the “higher vibration” they try to achieve at Friendly.

The owner, however, does not feel Story was “fired” but says he abandoned the job over the policy…