Bozeman Police Searching For Suspect Who Hit And Stole Fire Hydrant

How does one steal a fire hydrant? Well, turns out it’s pretty easy as long as you hit it with your car first!

Police in Bozeman, Montana are searching for a missing fire hydrant and the person who stole it after hitting it!

Using clues left behind at the scene like part of a bumper and a light, they were able to figure out what kind of car it is and are now searching for a red 2011 or 2012 Dodge Nitro!

Not only is it incredible that they stole the hydrant in the first place but it gets even crazier when you think about just how heavy they are in the first place!

“What we want at this point is the $1,500 fire hydrant returned,” says Bozeman PD’s Detective Captain Cory Klumb. “The door closes when we pull to the driveway and find a Dodge Nitro missing a front bumper, right? Then we are a lot less likely to leniently on the person that we had to track down.”