Steelers And Browns Brawl Gets Ugly On 'Thursday Night Football'

So this brawl will probably end in lots of fines and definitely at least one suspension!

The Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers faced off (in more ways than one) on “Thursday Night Football” recently when the closing seconds of the game got pretty intense!

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett tackled Steelers QB Mason Rudolph but as they wrestled on the ground, they were grabbing each other’s helmets.

Garrett yanked Rudolph’s completely off, and then HIT HIM IN THE HEAD with it!

Steelers players then got Garrett on the ground and began punching and kicking HIM in the head.

Then Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi bumped the helmet-less Rudolph to the ground from behind.

There were refs, flags and fighting footballers everywhere and it really looked like a big, beautiful, old-fashioned hot mess.